The Hooligans do needlework

UPDATE: Free cross-stitch patterns are no longer available on

This is very late notice, so don’t delay if you’re interested in this week’s free cross stitch pattern at MyCraftivity. You’ll find a very nice flower garden alphabet chart that would be great for any number of uses.

Be sure to check back on Monday evening. I think there may be a magnet coming for next week’s project.

Last weekend the Hooligans, Diamondqueen, Mom, and I went to the Civil War celebration at Gorman Heritage Farm in Cincinnati. We found a small but impressive quilt show in the learning center; there was also a big piece of burlap stitched with appliques and stretched on a frame so anyone could try their hand at “quilting” (which was more like stitchery since there was no batting or backing, but it made a cute hands-on display for families).

I wasn’t surprised that Diamondqueen and even S.Hooligan wanted to sew a few stitches. J.Hooligan, though, tried it as well, and very conscientiously put careful, even stitches on the “quilt.” He wouldn’t be the first male in the family to be open-minded toward needlework. His uncle, my brother in St. Louis, did a high school project for which he embroidered a replica of a segment of the Bayeux Tapestry. I think he won an award of some kind for it, and possibly the teacher kept it, since I don’t recall seeing it since he completed the crewel piece back in the 70s.

It’s tempting to encourage J.Hooligan’s needlework, but he’s such a perfectionist. Diamondqueen envisions temper tantrums and fits of frustration every five minutes because some stitch didn’t turn out exactly the way J. wants. If he comes to needlework eventually, more power to him. For now, we’ll just leave him to his video games.

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  1. If you can talk him out of the temper tantrums, it could turn out to be a very QUIET hobby for him…
    An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

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