Two Cool Roosters

UPDATE: Free cross-stitch patterns are no longer available on
If you like to do cross-stitch and haven’t been checking out the free weekly projects at MyCraftivity, you’re missing out on a good thing. Be sure to visit and download this week’s chart — it contains a dozen or so charted motifs perfect for graduation, bon voyage, and other congratulatory occasions. There are also some ideas for how to use the motifs to make neat gifts. Download yours by this coming Monday (July 14); these are weekly projects and I break the PDF link when I put the next free project up.

I used to do a lot of decorative painting, including entering pieces at the county and state fairs. One of my projects was painting a folk art rooster on a canvas apron. Originally I made one for my mother for Mother’s Day, then decided it turned out pretty well, so I made one for competition. So, in the end, my mother wound up with two rooster aprons.

She did use them; over time they became rather washed out. Now she’s found a great use for them. She basically cut the painted portions out of each apron and used them as appliques. I was surprised and extremely pleased when I walked into the kitchen last weekend and saw the gorgeous wall hanging Mom made. A few days later I returned to find a rooster cover on the kitchen table. (I think I like the table cover even more.) Leave it to Mom to be so creative with something others would have thrown out years ago!

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  1. stitcher5407 says:

    Hi, Carolyn. It’s not you. There are continually issues on the site. I tried to post a link to the screen that’s SUPPOSED to come up when you hit the “free projects” button and I got a bunch of unrelated blog posts.

    Try this: go to Click on the icon for the area that interests you (Cross Stitch and Needlearts, for example); when that screen comes up, click on the “free projects” button (it’s actually more of a title frame, right above “blogs” down on the page). This should take you to the page of free projects for cross stitch. Note that the other blog posts besides this week’s won’t have active links to the PDFs; we’re asked to leave them up in case people want to view them.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Hmmm…I must be having a brain cramp or something…I was unable to locate the free weekly project at Mycraftivity. I guess I need to be pointed in the right direction???
    an encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches

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