Vacation, Day 3, Part 3 – Hippos on the Boardwalk

After our dinner in the hotel restaurant, Diamondqueen, the Hooligans, and I went out for a stroll on the boardwalk. Naturally, we had to take the two hippos with us. After all, they’d come with all their beach gear and were ready for a good time.

J.Hooligan dressed Harold the Hippo in his shades and muscle tee. Since the boardwalk was as crowded as a state fair midway, we went aside on the brick walkway of the old Coast Guard Station so Harold could surf unperturbed. J.Hooligan looked on proudly.

S.Hooligan’s hippo wore her new bikini. (I’ve lost track of the  hippo’s name now. At first it was Nancy. Then it was Zoey, and possibly Lily. S. is fond of naming things Zoey and Lily, including one troublesome imaginary friend.) S. agreed the hippo could pose splendidly on the Coast Guard long boat.

Finally, I got the Hooligans and hippos and Diamondqueen to pose around the big anchor near the amphitheater. Friday night in Virginia Beach on the boardwalk — those hippos know how to live!





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