First Weeks of June

Things have been extremely demanding at work over the past couple of weeks, so blogging on all fronts has really taken a hit. In addition, I’m getting ready to go on vacation with the Hooligans later this week, so time is at a premium.

UPDATE: Free cross-stitch patterns are no longer available on

Even though I haven’t been able to build on my first My Needlework Journey post at MyCraftivity, I did put up a free cross stitch project last Monday. You can get the project here for about the next 24 hours; by this time tomorrow night, there should also be a new free project for June 9 available (even I don’t know yet what it is).
I’ll have plenty to report about the road trip with the Hooligans to Virginia (Lexington and Virginia Beach), with the hippos and Dooney the Cheetah in tow. (Wait until you see the cool gear they’ve gotten especially for the beach!) All coming after our June 16 return.

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