S.Hooligan, tiny dancer

S.Hooligan had her first ballet recital last Saturday. Actually, she’s in pre-ballet class, but she and all her fellow tiny dancers got to dress up as if they were doing “Swan Lake.”

We weren’t quite sure what to expect of S.Hooligan on the stage. She has a mind of her own. We were encouraged by her performance in an exhibition two weeks ago, a tuner for the “official” program, and hoped the better angels of her nature would keep her from doing something outrageous in front of a theatre full of people. S. does have an outrageous streak, and an emotional one as well. We knew it was just as possible she’d burst into tears and race off the stage.

In her gem-themed program, S.Hooligan’s group were “pearls” and danced to “Pearly Shells” by Burl Ives. It was a sweet little dance, and the ballerinas did their best. Even though I’m a blatantly doting aunt, I’m the fist to admit I doubt S. has any kind of exceptional dance talent — but the kid knows that routine. What she lacked in showmanship, she made up for in self-confidence.

Even J.Hooligan has been impressed by his sister’s stage appearances. Although, as Diamondqueen points out, “He’s always surprised that she knows how to do anything.”

Diamondqueen realized we’d better have flowers for our ballerina after the performance. However, she wasn’t sure about real blossoms. For one thing, S.Hooligan might not have been that impressed. Secondly, given her tendency toward physical displays of displeasure, S.Hooligan was bound to strike one or all of us with her bouquet. We could easily imagine a $7 bouquet going up in a cloud of scattered petals.

So Mom and I stopped at the craft store that morning and got some silk-like pink roses. With their stems wrapped in green tissue and bound with a big pink bow, they made an impressive presentation even if they were fake. S.Hooligan seemed very pleased with them. And, as it turned out, she’d noticed all the other little girls getting flowers. In the van on the way home, I saw S. nuzzling her nose in the bouquet as if sniffing the flowers, so their artificiality obviously didn’t register with her. Plus, as Diamondqueen told us next day, S. carried that bouquet around the house all the rest of the afternoon and evening. Durability was definitely a good trade-off for not having the real thing.


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