Bad, bad blogger!

For the past six weeks or so, my blogging has sucked. Okay, maybe it’s ALWAYS sucked; right now I’m referring to my infrequent blog posts.

It’s been a combination of things: general burn-out (I wore myself out with overtime on my job), a slight case of writer’s block (which I don’t understand — I don’t suffer from writer’s block very often), and lack of time, usually because I wait until too late in the evening and then I’m too tired to tackle a new post.

I’ve had plenty to write about; I simply haven’t done it. I’m going to start working to develop better blogging habits. Starting tonight, until the end of April, I’m going to post something about the month of April every day.

See, April is a special month for me. For one thing, my birthday is in late April. As soon as I was aware of birthdays as a child, the month of April took on a luminescence for me. So I’ll probably be writing a lot about birthdays past.

However, on MY calendar (i.e., the way I segment the year in my own mind), April is Easter month, should always be Easter month. I never enjoy Easter as much when it’s in March. I prefer it’s not too late in April, either. I don’t know why Easter can’t be established as the second Sunday in April, or something like that. I’ve never understood the church calendar and this floating commemoration of Christ’s resurrection. Why can’t it always be the same Sunday?

T.S. Eliot said that April is the “cruelest month,” and I’m going to write about that as well. Terrible things have happened in April, to the point that I start getting tense — well, about now. Because in recent years, dreadful things have taken place around the third week in April. So I’m going to examine that, too.

Tonight I’ll write about THIS April. It’s gorgeous so far, and it’s been warm. The daffodils have been splendid; the flowering trees are in blizzard array. Naturally, they’re saying we may get some snow showers this weekend, and I hope the freezing temperatures don’t fry the frilly pear blossoms and tulip trees and damage the fruit trees. Unfortunately, that’s April, too. We’ve been lucky, though. Despite a lot of rain, just a simple drive down the road is rapture for the senses. I’ve been trying hard to notice everything, and to note that I’ve noticed. Sometimes when life is too busy, you find yourself a season away and wondering if you were even aware of what came before. So I’m noticing. And loving my month.

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