It’s Official — They’re Hooligans!

On Tuesday night when I let myself hooligans.jpginto my sister’s house, I was startled to find Diamondqueen and my niece and nephew all sitting on the stairs. They were beaming at me with big, cheesy grins on their faces. I was so taken aback that it took a few seconds for the focus of their tableau to register: They were each wearing a Hooligan tee shirt!

Diamondqueen saw the shirts on Cafe Press and couldn’t resist. No, she didn’t design them. Someone actually is offering tee shirts with “Hooligan” emblazoned across them.

J. Hooligan seems especially amused at his “blog name,” although he never actually reads my blog. (I can’t even get him to listen to me when I’m trying to tell him something.) Diamondqueen suggested J. could wear his shirt to school on St. Patrick’s Day, but he seemed rather dubious about that.

I just had to snap a recreation of the scene that greeted me at the door Tuesday night (see above). Of course, almost before my finger was off the camera’s button, this hooligan-rumble.jpgDonnybrook below broke out. I didn’t choose the name “Hooligan” for this crowd lightly (and obviously the apples don’t fall very far from the Hooligan tree).

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