I’ll admit it, I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been crazy-busy with work, bringing stuff home in the evenings and on weekends. It’s got me worn out, and I usually don’t have energy left for blogging. Today I got a welcome extension on a tense deadline, and it was like someone pulled the plug and drained all my adrenalin. I stayed only a half hour extra after work, came home, and passed out on the couch. (I almost slept through “Antiques Roadshow,” which shows how wiped out I was.) I did a tiny bit tonight, but I think I’ve hit a wall. Extra work is just counterproductive now.



Snow again tomorrow! This just isn’t “us” in Southwestern Ohio, especially not in late February. Last Thursday night was the worst white-knuckle drive home I’ve had in a couple of years. It wasn’t just the snow, which wasn’t deep but was very slick; it was the traffic. I stayed at work until well after six and still ran into several bottlenecks. The most frustrating was the half hour it took to go the last quarter mile or so to my apartment. My complex is at the bottom of a curvy, steep hill, and cars were taking turns going up — so I had to wait in line just to get to my apartment. By then the freezing rain had been falling for about 20 minutes, but it may have been a little less slick than the snow. Everything got crusty very quickly, which gave the road surface a little “tooth.”

A half hour later, overnight bag packed, I drove a couple of miles to my mother’s house. Salt trucks had been through with their plows, so the roads were decent. I still skidded badly turning one corner, but I made the trip in 15 minutes or so, which was actually quicker than when there’s normal traffic.

I just hope it’s not bad for the commute home tomorrow. I’m still trying to uncurl my fingers from gripping the wheel last week.


Yes, I watched the Oscar telecast last night, even though I hadn’t seen a single movie. I’ve heard so much about some movies that I felt quite familiar with them as their various nominations were announced.

I used to get very emotionally caught up in the Oscars. I rarely saw every movie released in any given year, but I usually had a favorite or two I was rooting for. I’d get so pumped when a movie or actor or musical score I particularly liked won. I kind of miss my own enthusiasm. I watched with mild interest and was pleased by some of the winners (I especially like the Coen brothers as writers and directors, although I don’t know how soon I’ll see No Country for Old Men — I have this thing about really violent, gory movies), but nothing really made my night. Not like in the old days when I got some kind of vicarious thrill out of the Oscars. Not sure whether it’s them, me, or a combination of the two.

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