When you want to brain a Hooligan…

All I asked was to take a couple of photos of the two Hooligan children in front of some beautiful stained glass windows. We were in Hamilton, Ohio, attending the ice sculpture festival a couple of weeks ago. I’d never gone inside the Soldier’s Memorial, and I saw no reason not to include that in our itinerary that day.

J.Hooligan had been whining ever since we’d left the parking garage about how tired he was. It had simply worn him OUT to walk the two blocks down to the river where the memorial is located. Then we had the audacity to expect him to climb all those outside steps to the front door. (Never mind that at intervals before and after, J.Hooligan ran like an idiot — once falling flat on his face. He had energy enough for that.)

Since both Hooligan hooligans had been up to some fine tricks all day, and since Diamondqueen was still recovering from a nasty cold, I decided to give her a break and exact some revenge on the little demons by making them go up to the second floor of the memorial to see what we could see. Was J.Hooligan happy about that? Of course not. Hah!

There are two spectacular stained glass windows in the Soldier’s Memorial. The first, above the marble staircase that winds up to the second floor, depicts several generations of women waiting for their soldier boy to return from battle. The second window shows battlefield nurses attending to a wounded soldier. Both windows are touching and gorgeous.

After we’d looked at various war-related artifacts in display cases (including swords, muskets, and rifles with bayonets, which elicited a disturbing amount of interest from J. and especially S.Hooligan), I made the kids pose in front of each of the windows so I could snap their pictures.

I was so busy trying to get the two of them positioned in such a way that I got as much of the windows as possible in the backgrounds, I didn’t pay that much attention to their faces. Usually both Hooligans are hammy enough to put on decent, if cheesy smiles for the camera. When I transferred my photos from my camera to the computer, though, this is what I saw:



Honestly, I’ve seen that look on J.Hooligan’s face plenty of times; just not in a photo, and I was not expecting it in these photos.

It’s almost as startling that S.Hooligan looks so pleasant. She’d already had one meltdown crying jag about 20 minutes earlier; we never did figure out exactly what had upset her. Then, about 20 minutes later, J. and S. got into a public brawl in the children’s area that could have resulted in us all getting charged with disturbing the peace. (And all over the development of a Polaroid photo, but that’s another story.)

Next day we did discover that S.Hooligan was coming back down with the cold she’d just shaken the week before, so there might have been some excuse for her behavior in Hamilton that day. As for J.Hooligan? Judging by the expression on his face in these photos alone, I chalk it up to being just plain ornery.


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