When time spreads its huge wings and flies hard…


It’s already been a month since I wrote this post about the January doldrums and waiting for things to happen. I guess time passes faster when you’re not waiting, just kicking hard to keep your head above water.

Regarding the job development: I got the position I wanted! Because my previous editorial position was eliminated, I was going to be out of work on January 25. However, on January 24 I learned I’d been hired for the position I’d applied for: I’m now a book editor for the KP Craft division of F+W Publications (same company and location, different line). I’ve already completed two weeks in my new job, and my head may be spinning until next Christmas.

It’s simply that everything is a new process to me now. Which is a good thing in the long run; I’d gotten very stagnant in my work responsibilities and expectations. It’s going to take awhile to achieve a fraction of the competence and sense of confidence I had in my old job (built over nearly eight years–I was pretty shaky when I started that job as well). My reward is I get to work on books about needlework, quilting, and sewing. What could be more perfect? It’s effortless for me to feel immediately engaged and enjoy what I’m reading. It’s the riot of question marks parading through my head, over my desk, and turning flips in the air that distract me and make my palms start to sweat. But I got exactly what I wanted as far as being hired for this job, and I’m both excited and grateful.

As for the kidney stone? Beats me. The same day I interviewed for the new editor position, I also had an appointment with the urologist and went for an x-ray after work. (Yes, it was quite an eventful day.) When I called the following week for results, the specialist told me, “There was definitely a stone on the CAT scan. There’s nothing on the x-ray.” He seemed really annoyed with the situation. I’d begun to wonder if the stone passed without my knowing or somehow had dissolved, because I’d begun to feel better and better generally and had stopped taking regular doses of ibuprofen for the pain.

The upshot is he wants me to check back in another week or so, and we might do another CAT scan. I still feel fine and don’t have any pain. I can’t imagine the stone is stuck somewhere, but I guess it’s safer to know for sure. (What I’d especially like to know is whether there are any more stones in either kidney that are going to cause me untold agony when I least expect it; however, I figure that isn’t what I’m going to learn from any more tests.)

So, suddenly, life has lurched forward and everything is drastically different from what it was on January 1. Best of all, January is behind us and we’re already into our second week of February. Of course, we have a winter storm warning for Tuesday in southwestern Ohio, so it doesn’t mean we’re about to bound into spring. And I wouldn’t be suprised to see it be a terribly cruel spring, with late snows and cold, simply because of how freakish its been all winter so far. (We didn’t get the terrible tornadoes last Tuesday, although we were under a watch, and we had some pretty bad wind damage locally.) I’ll worry about that when the time comes, though. Living for today keeps me plenty busy now.

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  1. Peg says:

    Congratulations on the job — it does sound like a wonderful fit. And good luck with the health issues. Hope all goes well with that.

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