Happy New Year with Hippos (& a Cheetah)


I described here how I was giving the Hooligan children hippos for Christmas in response to their love of the song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” In the end, I also decided to gift Diamondqueen with a set of swank clothes and a gift card so she build her own creature of her own choosing at the Build-A-Bear store.

The gifts were a success all around, and the day after Christmas saw us fighting the mall crowds to return to Build-A-Bear for some shopping. Here and above, the Hooligans show off outfits they selected for their respective hippos, Harold and Nancy. (Their hippos had come with $10 gift cards, and they added funds from their own piggy banks.) J.Hooligan selected hippos_clothes2-small-web-view.jpga dinosaur t-shirt and denim shorts, Skechers, roller skates, and a helmet and knee pad set. He also chose dinosaur pajamas, and bunny slippers that resemble the ones he himself received for St. Nicholas. (All this sartorial shopping by a kid who removed his hippo’s Cub Scout shirt on Christmas Eve as soon as he opened his gift because he thought his hippo “looked better without it.”)

S.Hooligan went straight for a pair of red sparkly shoes (like ruby slippers from her beloved Wizard of Oz), then decided on an outfit that featured scotties — perhaps in tribute to her grandma’s affection for scottie collectibles. S. also picked out a pink fabric purse and sparkly pink purse (S.Hooligan is a pink and sparkles kind of gal). When she saw J.Hooligan’s dino pajamas, she decided her hippo needed these items as well.

Diamondqueen selected a cheetah2.gifcheetah to “build” and named her “Dooney” in tribute to Diamondqueen’s obsession with Dooney & Bourke purses. The clothes I’d picked out for Christmas were a pink top with black polka dots and a coat, hat, and purse in pink trimmed with leopard skin (faux, naturally). Diamondqueen thinks it’s the height of chic for a cheetah to be dressed in leopard skin. Judge here for yourselves.

She also chose a flouncy gown trimmed in gold and a pair of “glass” slippers for Dooney to wear on New Year’s Eve at the Hooligan manse. I personally was dressed in jeans and a sweater, but I was surrounded by happy hippos (and a cheetah) dressed to the nines!



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