It’s over AND I DID IT!


Yes, I finished the 50,000 word marathon and became a “winner” for the 2007 National Novel Writing Month. As I said in my first NaNoWriMo post, I cheated a bit by not actually writing a novel. This tempers my joy and pride a little — I simply can’t compare my accomplishment to those who actually created new worlds and new people — but 50,000 words is still a lot to write in one month’s time.

Diamondqueen, who also “won,”  probably is closer to having a potential book than I am. As much as I loved Bailey, the beagle we both wrote about, I had far less than 50,000 words to contribute. So I wrote about other things just to keep the words coming. I’m not even sure what I’ll eventually do with some of that writing, but I set completing NaNoWriMo as a goal and I aced it (yesterday, actually), so I’m content.

I’d mentioned that I always seem to get sick for NaNoWriMo. This year was maybe the most challenging of all. I started feeling sick on November 3 (although I had a few general symptoms before then), and I’m still struggling with the after-effects of a lingering upper respiratory infection. It was very hard to make myself go in to the computer at night and start writing, when I really wanted to veg with my cross-stich in front of the TV (or just go to bed). If I’m legitimately proud of anything, it’s that I persevered. That I do give myself credit for.

As I’m writing this, people around the world (in time zones where it’s not yet midnight, at least) are pounding the keys to overtake that 50,000-word finish line; or they’re just verifying their novels and being declared winners. (See the nifty icon at the top? That’s one of the goodies you get, plus you get to download a terrific certificate. This is the first time I’ve ever had a web presence where I could actually post the icon, so I’m pleased about that as well.)

To all those who have finished, and to those still struggling, congratulations — you’re accomplishing more than you know.

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    Since you have more time now that NaNoWriMo is finished, you’ve been tagged to do a meme. See:

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