Naming things Johnny…

As I mentioned in this post yesterday, my nephew, J.Hooligan, has a tendency to name things “Johnny” — such as my new car.

I discovered another example: My sister and the kids put up Halloween decorations last Friday, including three pairs of illuminated eyes that peer maliciously out of the shrubbery along the front porch.

Saturday I heard my nephew talking (nothing new there, he frequently provides a running commentary to himself about whatever he may be doing), and I realized he was talking to the shrubbery. I heard the name “Johnny” as well as “Tommy.” 

“What,” I said, “you named something in the yard Johnny, too?”

J.Hooligan pointed to the middle set of eyeballs. “That’s Johnny,” he said. “And that’s Tommy and that’s Andy,” he continued, pointing left and right. That evening, as my mother and I were leaving the Hooligan house after her birthday gathering, J. took up a position on the dark lawn and bid goodnight to each of the eerie eyeballs in turn — Tommy, Johnny, and Andy.

J. inhabits a very special little world of his own.

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