Say Hello to (General) Johnny!


As I mentioned in this post, I got a new car last week. My eight-year-old nephew, J.Hooligan, came along with his mother, Diamondqueen, for the final signing-of-the-papers so he could be the first to take a ride in my new car.

For some reason Diamondqueen told J.Hooligan that getting to be the first rider gave him naming rights for the car. (Not sure how that came about.) I was rather underwhelmed when J. came up with the name “Johnny.” (Not to dis the name itself; my brother’s name is Johnny.) J.Hooligan names a lot of things “Johnny,” including the family’s new red PT Cruiser a couple of years ago.

My sister and I tried to talk him out of “Johnny.” Diamondqueen said maybe we should call it “General Joshua” after Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, our favorite Civil War hero, especially since the new Corolla is Union blue. Diamondqueen is also a fan of Dukes of Hazzard and likes the idea of having a car in the family named “General,” but J.Hooligan was adamant. The car would now and forever be “Johnny.”

I’m not much into naming things myself, but it’s my car, and I’ve decided it’s “General Johnny.” I get to have at least that much say. J. can think whatever he likes.

J. Hooligan is pictured on the left in the photo above; with him is his sister, S.Hooligan. And, of course, behind them is General Johnny.

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